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IRA Distribution Planning

Few issues are more critical to retirement planning success than the proper care and handling of IRA Distribution requirements. Now, more than ever, you need an investment advisor and wealth manager with proven expertise in retirement distributions and income planning. At Mulligan Capital, we can help tackle these critical and often overwhelming retirement planning challenges by:

  • Determining when to begin required minimum distributions
  • Scheduling optimal Roth contributions, conversions, and withdrawals
  • Handling IRS reporting requirements when errors occur
  • Managing eligible “qualifying rollover distributions"
  • Investing inherited IRAs and spousal rollovers in the most tax-efficient manner
  • Managing non-spouse inherited IRAs and the “five-year rule”
  • Taking advantage of early IRA withdrawals and IRC Sec.72t exceptions
  • Managing sixty-day rollover relief
  • Understanding “year of death” required distributions
  • Selecting beneficiaries and multiple IRA beneficiaries
  • Dealing with custodial glitches
  • Making the most of IRA and retirement benefits—conduit trusts and accumulation trusts
  • Working with net unrealized appreciation (NUA) rules

When you work with Mulligan Capital, Inc. you will be working with an Ed Slott-trained Master Elite IRA Advisor who uses The Complete IRA Care Solution™; an expert who has specialized training to address these many issues. The Master Elite IRA Advisor Group (“Group”) is an exclusive organization of financial advisors personally trained by the nationally acclaimed IRA Expert, Ed Slott, at the highest level of IRA training available anywhere.

As a member of Group, we are able to access IRA resources unavailable to other financial organizations, including immediate updates on the latest changes to IRA tax laws and continuous education that drills deep into the most complicated issues of IRA management and distribution. As an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor, we have ongoing access to the most up-to-date IRA information available in order to properly and professionally service the needs of our IRA clients.

The Complete IRA Care Solution™ is an exclusive system created by Ed Slott for the complete care of all IRA issues. This is the most comprehensive program ever created to address virtually every aspect of protecting and growing your retirement accounts. Many of our Clients have commented that by using the tools and making a plan with The Complete IRA Care Solution™ they have the peace of mind knowing that their largest retirement asset is properly set up and that they and their beneficiaries will be able to retain family wealth longer by avoiding excessive taxation.