Photo Credit – Joan Amero

Retirement Income Planning

At Mulligan Capital, we focus on planning for an ideal retirement outcome. We work closely with each client to clearly understand their current financial situation—including their assets and expected years until retirement—as well as how they might define their own ideal retirement. From there, we build a customized retirement income plan that takes into account the following factors:

  • Sequence of Return risk
  • Longevity risk
  • Inflation/ Purchasing Power Risk
  • Market Risk: sustainability from premature portfolio depletion
  • Healthcare costs and Long term care planning
  • Intergenerational and Legacy Planning
  • Social Security income strategies

The resulting plan is designed to help leverage existing assets to protect and sustain a predictable and sufficient retirement income. Depending on the unique profile of the client, we will recommend a variety of strategies to help achieve this goal, such as: systematic withdrawals from taxable savings; IRA and Roth IRA; dividend paying stocks; personal pensions; individual fixed income securities with laddered maturities; and reverse mortgages. Our ultimate goal is to help design and implement a retirement income plan that helps each client achieve an ideal retirement outcome—without the fear of outliving that income or having to dramatically alter his or her lifestyle.