Photo Credit – Joan Amero

Investment Advisory

The Mulligan Capital approach to investment advisory services is to first and foremost develop an investment plan that addresses the three major risks facing investors at or near retirement:

Behavior: the impact of uncertainty on investment decisions

Investment and withdrawal: the effect of inflation and poor investment returns

Longevity and healthcare: the possibility of outliving retirement funds in the face of rising medical costs

There is no question that we all want to avoid losses. This is especially critical during the five years before and five years after retirement—a period often referred to as the accumulation/decumulation “Danger Zone.” The situation provides us with problems stemming from both investing for income that is high quality and low risk (leading to low rates of return, insufficient current income, and lack of inflation protection) and investing for growth in investment vehicles (which can lead to negative returns and putting investment principal at risk when drawing income during normal market downturns).

Our strategic combination of asset allocation and product selection tackles those challenges by working to:

  • Minimize the impact of emotions
  • Increase income to help maintain purchasing power throughout retirement
  • Minimize Risk
  • Preserve Principal
  • Invest over the longest possible timeframe
  • Maintain a sustainable lifetime withdrawal strategy

Throughout our process, we adhere to fiduciary best practices by organizing the investments, formalizing the approach, implementing each strategy with a written plan, and monitoring with regularity.