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About Us

Mulligan Capital, Inc.

Based in Tigard, Oregon, Mulligan Capital was founded by John Mulligan in 1984 to help people lead better and more rewarding lives. By working closely with each client to understand how they define their own ideal life—both before and after retirement—and by educating them on the financial strategies that can help them achieve their goals, we help our clients gain clarity about the financial aspects of their lives. We provide the knowledge and guidance which results in the best possible choices, helping to protect and sustain income both for and throughout retirement.

We've earned the confidence of each of our clients by building personal relationships built on trust. Through our highly personalized discovery process, we take the time to not only understand each client's financial situation and retirement timeline, but also their values, their goals, and their unique definition of a "successful retirement." All of our advice is delivered using a consultative, feedback-driven approach aimed at educating the client and getting them personally involved in the process of actively planning their ideal retirement. From taking a realistic look at their financial 'big picture', to understanding how financial planning works, we provide education, clarity, and peace of mind.

As a Registered Investment Adviser we endeavor to ensure that our advice and our actions are always in the best interest of our clients.